Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last night in Cuba in Sydney for '07

Moro and Yarima at Marconi last Saturday night.

The problem with having a really lovely room for your monthly Cuban night, is that everyone else wants it too. And as Christmas approaches, you get ousted in favour of corporate Christmas parties who have loads of dosh. Sigh. So this week is the last Cuban night at the Watershed for '07. It's a great tragedy, but there is no reason why it shouldn't be as kickass as the last one. In fact, I will probably DJing a bit more than usual - which has its pros (I get to control the music) and cons (I can't dance as much), so it might be even better than it usually is (if that's possible). It's always a lovely night, cause it's like a private party - in a waterside venue with a view of the city lights, and the kind of music you would play if the party were at your house. (Well the kind of music I would play if the music were at my house.) Hope to see every casino dancer in Sydney there.

Saturday night is the first of what is planned to be a monthly event at the Copacabana in Bondi Junction. It's the old BJ's - older salseros (like me) might remember the halcyon days of the late 90s/early noughties when Candela played their fabulous, mostly timba sets there every other Saturday. Man, those were the days - timba on a Saturday night! What luxury! I'm not sure what Armandito and his group have in store for us - his usual firey son no doubt, and maybe a smidgeon of timba from the DJs. One can only hope. Yarima will be there too, which is always a bonus. She put on a nice show with Moro and Fraudy last Saturday at Marconi.
Actually the whole night was great - Son Veneno pulled out all the timba/Cuban classics: Maraca's La pelea and Sonando; Trabuco's Marcando la distancia; Van Van's Te pone la cabeza mala, Manolín's La bola ... damn, I wish I could remember what else they played, but last Saturday already seems like a long time ago. All that matters is that I danced a lot and the night seemed way too short. Armandito came out and did that cracking timba song of his with the "Wakey! Wakey!" coro. Good stuff. I could have done without the pilón, but then, I can always do without pilón.

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