Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Todos pa' la playa

There’s not much on this week. Duni asked me who was playing, and I said, no one, only bands of the décima linea. The Varadero festival starts next week and everyone is playing at that. He reckons that’s why no one is playing Havana, cause all the audio is already there. I have been asked mil veces by various musos if I’m going, and I have to say, a little shamefacedly, that no, I’m leaving on the seventh, a few days before it starts. Actually I didn’t even know about it. Honestly, why didn’t one of you timba geeks tell me? I could easily have put my trip back by a week.
Not that I haven’t seen some great stuff; and hopefully Duni is wrong, and there is still some good stuff to come. Pupy is rehearsing all week and has two concerts before I go, but they are both private affairs that I’m pretty certain I won’t be able to crash.
Alaín Daniel is on the cartelera for Thursday night at the Capri, but then so are Bamboleo, and they are in Peru, so I don’t know what means. Salsa Mayor are sitting in for their regular Wednesday matinee at Galiano, I will definitely be at that. Los Angeles de La Habana are at the Capri tomorrow night instead of Alexander. Pretty sure I won’t be at that.
Actually I almost went to see them last Friday at an awesome venue in Vieja - Rosalita de Castro, a beautiful colonial building. But they weren’t going on till really late and I was tired and not really that interested. (I also completely forgot that Haila was playing Teatro Karl Marx on the same night - they hadn’t said anything at all about it on the radio for some reason, though it was all over the TV apparently.)

As well as having regular salsa concerts at La Tropical again, they also announced on the radio that Charanga Forever would be playing a matinee Los Jardines de la Tropical this Sunday. Los Jardines has an even worse reputation than La Tropical, but if I weren’t leaving at 3am that same day I’d be there with bells on. I love me some timba in an outdoor setting.

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