Friday, October 14, 2011

Ailyn wears the hotpants

As I noted before, now that Tanya Pantoja has left Bamboleo to form her own eponymous outfit, Lazaro Valdes has rebooted the group to resemble the Bamboleo of yore, although the truth is that one female - former Azucar Negra singer Ailyn Dallera - is very much at its heart. I have two videos of her singing with them. One is La que manda (above), previously recorded by Tanya, the other is one I'm not familiar with (below). I didn't think much of it when I saw them do it, but afterwards, the coro surreptiously haunted me for days.
Aussies should note the shout-out at 2:12.


TimberaMayor said...

Jajaja I get know...the title of the post about wearing the hot pants and the song...yeah. OK.

Yemaya said...

Aww, are you mocking my puns?